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Y81Q-135 ton ex-metal hydraulic bag machine

Y81Q-135 ton ex-metal hydraulic bag machine

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Y81Q-135 ton ex-metal hydraulic bag machine is discharging method, widely used in thin-packed. To fast of extrusion way, high configuration of hydraulic system in customer in the get consistent of certainly and praise, on is using metal playing Charter processing recycling King old JI tank, and recycling aluminum tank, and recycling Coke bottle tank, and recycling paint barrels, and recycling petrol was, waste metal thin material of enterprises personal, using metal hydraulic playing Charter for waste metal package compression process in the has efficiency high speed fast of features.
Y81Q-135 ton ex-metal hydraulic bag machine
Y81Q-135 ton hydraulic metal baler, hydraulic scrap metal baler, metal baler
① the hydraulic balers for scrap metal with hydraulic drive, operation mode can be selected manually or PLC control.
② Y81Q-135 tons out of the package before hydraulic metal baler front unload bag out of a package before metal baler.
③ Y81Q-135 ton ex-metal hydraulic bag machine models are available according to customer's specific requirements: different pressure, size, mass dimensions of hydraulic metal baler.
④ hydraulic metal baler front unload bag series where no power, can be equipped with diesel engine or diesel generators as a power source to facilitate customer job requirements in the field. 

Before Y81Q-135 the product technical parameters of hydraulic metal baler

Model Y81Q-100 Y81Q-135A Y81Q-135B
Nominal pressure  1000KN  1350KN    1350KN
Box size   1100×600×550mm 1400×600×600mm 1400×600×800mm
Package block dimension  600×220mm  600×240mm      600×300mm
Package block weight 30~50Kg   50~75Kg   60~80Kg
Operation manual  operation for manual  operation for manual  operation for manual
Production 0.8~1.2 tons/h 1.2~2.0 t/h 1.5~2.5 ton/hour
discharge form before before  package  package  package 
Motor power  15KW 22KW 22KW
Device overall dimension 3600×1200×1900mm 4500×1300×2050mm   4500×2250×2250mm
Net weight 5.2 tons  6.8 tons  around 7.2 tons

Y81Q-135 ton ex-metal hydraulic bag machineY81Q-135 ton ex-metal hydraulic bag machine

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