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Vertical dryer

Vertical dryer

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Vertical dryerVertical dryer

Vertical Dryer is designed for the dehydration of briquette pellets. During the course of the design for vertical drying machine, the experts have integrated the domestic and foreign advanced technology. The overall design fully reflects the four basic indexes of innovation, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation. So the vertical drying equipment is the ideal equipment for drying in the briquette ball production line.

1. Introduction to the function of vertical dryer:

The industrial briquette drying furnace is also called the vertical drying machine, which is not based on the traditional drying furnace but a totally upgraded new product. The design of vertical drying equipment aims at the drying characteristics of industrial briquette, uses low temperature, high air flow and the principle of gravity, experiences several stages of research and development, industrial tests, product upgrade and put into operation in large scale etc. And after several years endeavor, the vertical dryer finally becomes the successful new product in the market.

The vertical drying machine fully reflects the application of innovation, expanding the effectiveness, cost reduction and improving the quality. It is environmental protection and energy conservation, which makes vertical drying equipment the ideal equipment for drying in the briquette production line.

2. The quality characteristics of vertical dryer:

After being pressed by the molding machine, the moisture content of pulverized coal is usually between 12% and 14%, which will be reduced to 2%-4% through the vertical drying equipment and thus meet the requirements for strength, storage and transportation. Based on this, and through other adaptation, the moisture content can be reduced to less than 1.5%. The vertical dryer can also be used to dry particulate materials such as nodulizing, coal and so on.

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