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Coal briquetting machine how to safely operate

Briquette press ball machine equipment as one of the best-selling devices in recent years, market demand is growing, is a strong proponent of the State apparatus, as users coal briquetting machine equipment, and skilled to master the operation of coal briquetting machine equipment ensure the safety of the equipment, today we have to understand the next coal briquetting machine operation. The operator must first be familiar with the process and pressure the ball machine operating procedures, check whether the pressure member pressing enough to pouring blender switch to automatic mode, confirmation sampling port, add water valve closed, open the forced feeding machine, contact mixer operator , according to the ratio and high modulus circumstances. Secondly, in the process of pressing the material, all the raw materials have to confirm that a sufficient amount of added plus, and good control of its pressure, molding, and other factors, the work can be carried out. Adjust parameters and press-molding the model to ensure that coal briquetting machine can work smoothly and accurately adjust the machine pay attention to the normal use of the equipment and ingredients runtime. Finally, when the pressure coal briquetting machine up to standard before they can conduct discharge. Run 3-5 minutes, the temperature reached 42-45 ℃, start the next material. After stirring the material was pressed for 20-30 seconds, until after production has stopped, close the valve on the mixer and various auxiliary equipment for cleaning the production of finished Parking After cleaning, close all valves, each switch to stop state. Pressure the ball the whole process is successfully completed, the pressing process, if the ball press machine abnormal situation, immediately turn off the power to remove the material, ensure that the material non-destructive, contact our technical staff carry out maintenance work! Users in the use of coal briquetting machine when we must do in strict accordance with the rules, not only can ensure the production efficiency of the equipment, the more critical is to protect human life and property safety! Zhengzhou turui mechanical pressure ball machine as an industry leader, by coal briquetting machine of continuous improvement and upgrading to produce better equipment to repay the majority of users, provide one additional service, eliminating the user's worries more knowledge coal briquetting machine equipment information may inquire Zhengzhou turui machinery of professional customer service staff.

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