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Roll on effect of desulphurization gypsum pressure ball machine balls

On roll in pressure ball machine equipment in the of role on like people of heart, if pressure ball machine into ball appeared problem, most is on roll appeared problem, desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine equipment of into ball is desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine of main function, so if a pressure ball machine cannot into ball or any situation Xia are cannot guarantee into ball of qualified, so this desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine most is to scrap has. For gypsum pressure the ball machine is the same if desulphurization gypsum not into balls and remained stable, the machine may not strike, but to retire. We talked about before material can be a variety of reasons, but not covered by twin-roll effect today under the guise of FGD gypsum finishing pressure the ball machine equipment, explain the impact of twin-roll bar. Influence of roll forming is divided into two parts, one is on the roller spacing effect, there is a ball-and-socket not a positive impact, first is that because double roller spacing is too large or too small result in twin-roll does not make the material smoothly into a ball or become unstable after the ball. Secondly because the ball not being caused by ball-and-socket does not directly cause the materials to molding, is the shape of the molding is not what we want, therefore ineligible. For the above two, appeared the first time the best solution is to adjust the spacing of FGD gypsum pressure the ball machine twin-roll, to achieve the most suitable condition. Second adjustment of double-roller is a roller bearing, not the bearing distance, but rotating bearings and eventually the ball-and-socket. Thus, desulfurization gypsum pressure the ball machine to roll directly affects the ball's problems, as a professional manufacturer of gypsum pressure the ball machine, Zhengzhou turui by upgrading technology.

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