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Dry powder pressure the ball machine operating principle of interpretation

Dry powder pressure the ball machine is a device of powdered materials compressed into a ball. Dry powder pressure the ball machine is widely applied, can pressure the following materials, granulation, or pressure the ball, such as activated carbon, alumina, bauxite, aluminum scrap, caustic sodium, clay, coke, coal, charcoal, cryolite and so on. Helps reduce dust control unit weight, return, improving their transport characteristics. The ball machine operation mode there are four main types, namely the common ways, suspension, running gear, open running mode and improved operation and so on. Specifically, the first pressing of dry powder materials of common operation, dry powder pressure the ball machine balls roll rotation balance, longer gear life, great transmission torque, surface pressure of 100KN or more. Dry powder materials used in metallurgy, refractory Enterprise pressing production line. Due to this kind of pressure the ball machine developed in China was not enough, so far there are few large stand-alone. Operation principle: powder ball electro-mechanical machine driven hard surface reducer, gear reducer output at low speed for dual-axis parallel, driven by gear coupling ball roller running, feeding screw propulsion and exhaust. Followed by the hoisting gear function: currently most of the dry powder pressure the ball machine manufacturer common uses of the transmission mode, because of its simple structure, low price, is so widely used. Zhengzhou sharp has many years of dry powder pressure the ball machine and equipment production and operation, through the continuous improvement, sharp production of dry powder pressure the ball machine ranks among the ranks of the advanced world, products are exported to Europe, the majority of users, want to know more about dry powder pressure the ball machine, can come to visit our factory to discuss cooperation.

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