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Pressure the ball machine capable of suppressing rubber material

Regular exposure to pressure the ball machine users should be aware that pressure the ball machine main uses is to suppress dust and mud-pools, scale, slag, iron powder, Aluminum powder, Silicon-manganese ore and so on. Following materials can also be pressure, pellet or ball, such as aluminum scrap, activated carbon, alumina, bauxite and caustic sodium, charcoal, clay, coke, coal, cryolite, fertilizer, plastics, urea, potassium salt, limestone, pigment ... ... For a while. But the rubber user can suppress it? Now more and more material made of rubber, rubber as raw materials like pressed into a ball before or haven't a clue, then pressure the ball machine how to pressure a massive rubber ball? Zhengzhou turui under a big effort in this regard. Variety of rubber products, so the future is very broad market prospects, because rubber is a block appears to pressed into a ball first needs to be broken, which is broken up into granules, and then feed into a ball, broken rubber easily too large, because the rubber is flexible, so the ball would ordinarily be Flash, it has little effect on later. Because of rubber adhesion, in pressing process, therefore do not need to add glue, roll speed is not easy to directly is too high, ensure adequate pressing time, preventing its expansion and pressure the ball machine pressed rubber to pressure the ball machine, it is a revolution. Zhengzhou turui through constant updating and improvement of the ball, to adapt it to the characteristics of various materials to suppress a better ball, so that customer satisfaction. More about the pressure the ball machine to suppress knowledge of rubber products, can pay more attention to my factory pressure the ball machine-related Web sites. Pressure the ball machine leakage protection dry powder pressure the ball machine suppliers.

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