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How to check the quality of coal ball press machine

How to tell the quality and function of coal ball press machine?
There many ways to distinguish its quality, workmanship, materials, site effects and so on. In many of method in the, roll skin of quality occupy with important of status, because roll skin is decided material can normal suppressed forming of first elements, if roll skin appeared problem on cannot again for work, so, the how to maintenance roll skin this a important organ does, first roll skin in each a times suppressed forming completed Hou are to on roll skin made cleanup, guarantee roll skin of ball Wo internal no residues real, so as not to Yong Rob between not elimination, material hard clean out, such type coal pressure ball machine pressure made of ball will will not rules, There will even be unable to release. To solve this problem, we can encrypt materials, pressed into a ball, and guarantee the strength and density of briquette into a ball, that is, into finished products. Vertical dryers is the use of coal briquettes characteristics of coal and its own gravity by low temperature air volume required in blast furnace smelting iron Pellet drying to the most ideal drying equipment. Under the terms of China's domestic policies and regulations, local Government to strongly regulate high pollution, high emissions and low efficiency of the industrial enterprises. Pressure the ball machine drum dryer advantages of application is wide, good drying effect, controls are simple and reliable operation; gypsum downside pressure the ball machine is covering an area larger, longer drying time. Coal ball press machine in pellet negative is that just made the green ball is still very fragile, very unstable, turn into lime powder and pressure the ball machine cylinder was lifted after a heavy fall, will make the ball break, affecting the granulation rate.
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