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Knowledge of dry powder pressure the ball machine

Dry powder pressure the ball machine to make up for a lack of other types of pressure the ball machine, and because of its unique advantages in many industries and play an important role in the field. But the same dry powder pressure the ball machine and in some cases also may face some problems, in particular how should I solve it? Usually a solution is by admixture, which is our daily said binder to increase material viscosity. But a wide variety of binders, choose to be treated cautiously. Binder for making credentials to special characteristics of an item, so it's best to sit tests in order to guarantee the result. Changing chemical and physical state of the material, that is, to change the material density of molecules, which is more conducive to bonding between material levels. Because of a pressing hard to transform the molecular structure of the material, so we generally conservative state, is two pressure to suppress items twice, this is also a way of dealing with it. Dry powder particle size, size and hardness of different nature, the devices require different configurations of bulk or large particles of material grinding is needed to put pressure the ball machine equipment for suppression; dry moisture content is too high to consider when using the drying equipment after the drying process, suppressed, and therefore to be decided according to the actual situation.

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